2018 - 19 New Faculty Learning Community

2018-19 New Faculty Learning Community Schedule

Scheduled each Tuesday in the Fall Semester from 2:30 – 3:45 p.m.

The Provost and Deans encourage new faculty to attend.

Participation in the New Faculty Professional Development Program counts as service for new faculty in most colleges.




Aug 21

Setting Goals: Follow up of New Faculty Individual Planning Document

Yvette Huet; Director ADVANCE FADO

Aug 28

ITS and Time Management

Beth Rugg; Assistant Vice Chancellor for Client Engagement

Sept 4

What is Plagiarism and Steps to Take if you Suspect a Student of Plagiarism

Heather Bastion: Associate Director, Communication Across the Curriculum and Bruce Long; Chair, Academic Integrity Board

Sept 11

Student Suicide Prevention

Jessalyn Klein (Suicide Prevention Coordinator) and Bruce Auerbach (Faculty Ombuds)

Sept 18

Research Support

 Lesley Brown (Director, Research and Economic Development)

Sept 25

Library Resources and Writing Resource Center

 Stephanie Otis (Associate Dean for Public Services, Library) and Rebecca Agosta (Associate Director, WRC)

Oct 2

Mentoring Students

Malin Pereira (Executive Director of the Honors College) and Katherine Hall-Hertel  (Associate Dean for Graduate Academic & Student Affairs)




Oct 16



Oct 23



Oct 30

Legal Guidelines for Classroom Policies and Practices: Follow up                                                          

Jesh Humphrey (Vice Chancellor for Institutional Integrity and General Counsel, Office of Legal Affairs) and Christine Reed Davis (Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Dean of Students)

Nov 6

Title IX and Campus SaVE

Michelle Reinken (Title IX Coordinator)

Nov 13

Center for Teaching and Learning and Office of Assessment                                                                         

Jaesoon An, Jessica Kapota (CLT), Christine Robinson and John Frederick (Office of Assessment)




Nov 27

International Programs and Travel 101

Joel Gallegos (Assistant Provost for International Programs )

Dec 4

Review of the Semester and Questions You Might Have

Yvette Huet, Director of ADVANCE FADO