Writing Groups

Writing Groups

Why join a writing group?
Small writing groups provide accountability for you to meet your writing goals.  This means you can increase your writing productivity, alleviate the stress of not meeting your writing goals because it is not part of your what must be completed and depending on the group can provide constructive feedback on the project. 

How do the Writing Groups supported by ADVANCE FADO work?
You’ll fill out brief google form that includes what type of writing group you are interested in, how often you would like to meet and for how long and where (on/off campus). We will use the information you provide to group individuals with similar interests.  We then contact all those in your proposed writing group and arrange the intitial meeting.  After your initial meeting you let us know what you woud like our office to do to help with the logistics of your group (dates, times etc.) and we will make arrangements for the space and send out calendar invites for your group.  

Click on the link below to read the article:

Addressing Gendered Practices Through Women's Writing Groups: A strategy for reducing gender disparity in research universities. By Joyce Alexander, Laura Plummer, and Jane McLeod

Where do I sign up?
 Please go to:  Writing Group Sign Up and complete the form.  

Deadline for Fall:  September 15, 2018

Deadline for Spring:  January 22, 2019